About Company

The “Tower Group” is a child company the development group “Gza”, a company with 15 years of solid experience in the sphere of development

The development Company “Gza” – Successfully and swiftly completes all types of developmental and infrastructural projects. Working alongside other industry leaders within the country, the group has delivered and brought a multitude of highly lucrative projects to life.

“Tower Group” has successfully finished a myriad of developmental projects:

“Batumi Central” – A Railway complex that, in 2021, will house a branch of the international hotel chain, Holiday Inn Express. The Hotel Complex “Chateau Kvirike” – A Hotel complex built on a 6 hectare plot of land, complete with its own restaurant, cellar, conference and banquet halls, bars and pools, all set in an unique recreational zone.

The Hotel Complex “Kvirike Hills” – A mountaintop hotel complex comprised of 20 uniquely designed cottages, completed infrastructure, and a perspective to become one of the hottest skiing retreat destinations of the future. Our company owns one of the most revered projects concerning the housing, containment and servicing of the transit/cargo vehicles and auto parks within the border – An auto park with an organised infrastructure. Within the many achievements of the company, one of the most notable ones is the “House in Old Batumi”, a project that aims to aesthetically imitate the retro-style infrastructure of the city.

With several years of experience in the development business Invest in your future